Detailed Listing Form

Section 1

Type of Equipment:
Machine VIN/ Serial Number:
Frame Hours:
Machine Manual:YesNo
Any Machine Warranty:YesNo
If 'Yes', MO.s:
Other Comments:

Section 2

Engine Make:
Engine Model:
Engine Horsepower:
Engine Serial Number:
Engine Hours:
Any Engine Fluid Leaks?YesNo
If 'Yes', PLease List Leaks:
Engine Oil Consumption:
Per How Many Hours of Use?[textoilperhour]
Engine Last Services At (Hours):
Oil Samples:YesNo
Engine ManualYesNo
Any engine Warranty:YesNo
If 'Yes', MO.s:
Fuel type:
Other Comments:

Section 3

Original Owner:YesNo
General Condition of Machine (1=Poor,10=Excellent):
Service Records:YesNo
If 'No Service Records', Any Recent Repairs?:
Any Hydraulic Leaks:YesNo
If 'Yes', Please List Leaks:
Any Machine Factory Suggested Updates?YesNo
If 'Yes', Please List Updates:
Machine In Use:EverydaySometimesNot In Use
Reason For Selling Machine:
Do Any Spare Parts Go With Machine?:YesNo
If 'Yes', List Parts:
List Any Optional Equipment:
Transport Dimensions (Length):
Transport Dimensions (Width):
Transport Dimensions (Height):
Gross Weight:
Other Comments:

Section 4

Hitch Type:
If 'Fifth Wheel Pintle', Then Specify Size:
If 'Ball Hitch', Then Specify Size:
Other specifications:
Tire Size:
% Of Life Left:
Brakes Function:YesNo
Lights Function:YesNo
Other Comments:

Section 5 - Self Propelled On Tires

Type Of Drive:HydrostaticPower ShiftManual
If 'Manual Transmission', specify Make & Model:
Number of Gears Forward:
Number of Gears Backward:
If 'Yes', Condition Of Center Pins & Bushings:ExcellentGoodFairPoor
% of Life Left (Center Pins & Bushings):
Tire Size:
Tire Condition:
% Of Life Left (Tire):
Wheel Drive:
Other Comments:

Section 6 - Track Propelled

Track Make:
Track Model:
Track Shoe Size OR Rubber Track Width:
Track Condition:ExcellentGoodFairPoor
% Of Life Left (Track):
Radio Remote Control:YesNo
If 'Yes', Tether Back Up:YesNo
Expandable Tracks:YesNo
If 'Yes', Width Collapsed:
If 'Yes', Width Expanded:
Type Of Speed Tracks:
Other Comments:

Section 7 - Cabs

Does Heat Work?:YesNo
Does A/C Work?:YesNo
Type Of Controls:
Glass / Lexon:YesNo
If 'Yes', Specify Condition (1=Poor, 10=Excellent ):
Protective Cage For Glass / Lexon / Operator:YesNo
Condition Of Seats ( 1=Poor, 10=Excellent ):
All Gauges Work Properly:YesNo
If 'No', Please List Gauges That Do Not Work:
GPS: YesNo
Other Comments:

Section 8 - Loader Type Of Loader:
If 'Other', Please Specify:
Extended Length:
Lifting Capacity:
Condition Of Pins & Bushing:
% Of Life Left (Pins & Bushing):
Other Comments:

Section 9 - Attachments Attachments (More Than One Could Apply):Grapple BucketFeller BuncherHead ShearHead DangleHead ProcessingHead BladeWinchForestry MowerDeck MowerStump GrinderHead StrokeDelimberOther
Make & Model:
Make & Model:
Make & Model:
Comments About Attachments (Capacity, Size, Width, Etc.):
General Comments:

Section 10 - Company Information

Company / Owner:
First Name*:
Last Name*:
Address 2:
Phone Number:
Is the Equipment Lien Free?:*YesNo

If 'No', Enter Lien Holder Information:

Bank/ Finance Company:
Conctact Person:

Please send photos of the Front, Back, and Sides showing the complete machine, Engine, Tires / Tracks and wear surface areas, and a short video if possible. Email them to or text to 603-234-3292

Asking Price*: